FNEX is the Alternative Marketplace

FNEX is a transactional marketplace for alternative investments for investors and issuers. FNEX enables investors to make direct investments into private companies, hedge funds and a variety of other investment vehicles. 

FNEX is:

  • FREE. No membership cost.
  • COMPREHENSIVE. FNEX provides access to leading private companies and fund managers.

  • EFFICIENT. Investors can examine twenty offerings in the time it takes to conduct a meeting on one.

  • CONNECTED. You can set your search parameters, and the platform will alert you to any new listed investment opportunities that meet your criteria.

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“FNEX is an excellent platform for investors looking to add managed futures to their portfolios” - Nell Sloane Co-Founder, Capital Trading Group, 30 year futures industry veteran

“As an accredited investor, I know how difficult it is to find alternative investments. FNEX is the best utility for deal sourcing and completing a transaction I've seen." - Brian Williams Managing Director, Limestone Partners, investing in private securities since 1997

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