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FNEX has established strategic relationships with service providers of value to investors and offering groups. If you are interested in working with FNEX, please contact us at info (at)

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"FNEX is a great way for Funds to connect with potential investors, whether institutional or individuals." - Thalius Hecksher Global Head of Business Development, Apex Fund Services, hedge fund industry professional since 1996

“Alternative investments are the hottest topic in the financial markets. Investors and advisors alike are increasing allocations to non-stock market based investments and platforms like FNEX are making it easy to access deals and perform the proper due diligence. Additionally, FNEX understands that holding illiquid alternative assets within a truly Self-Directed IRA is a sound strategy and will help fund these opportunities at a faster pace. Alternative investment IRAs are close to reaching a tipping point in the retirement industry.”~J.P. DahDah, CEO Vantage IRAs

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