Landing commodities

Managed Futures

Managed Futures accounts can diversify your portfolio into metals, currencies, interest rate hedges, energy, agricultural, and livestock assets that are less correlated with your typical mix of stocks, bonds, and fixed income instruments. Commodity Trading Advisors offer investors exposure to a variety of strategies. For more information see below.


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What is a CTA?

A Commodity Trading Advisor exercises control over another's account to trade in options, forex, swaps or mercantile vehicles. For more information see below.

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What is a Managed Futures Account?

Managed Futures Accounts are alternative investments which hold long and short positions in futures, options and government securities. For more information see below.

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What are common strategies for managed futures trading?

Managed Futures strategies include those focused on market conditions and those focused on specific verticals. For more information see below.

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Landing commodities
Managed Futures

Learn about managed futures investing.

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“FNEX is an excellent platform for investors looking to add managed futures to their portfolios. They are providing access to Commodity Trading Advisors with decades of experience as well as educating new investors on how managed futures can help lower their overall portfolio volatility. Our co-founders have over 60 years of combined experience in this asset class and we are honored to have the opportunity to partner with FNEX to provide alternatives in the managed futures space.” -Nell Sloane Co-Founder, Capital Trading Group, 30 year futures industry veteran

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